MX Youth Versions Ship!

FINALLY! Now parents can make sure that tomorrow's Carmichaels, McGraths, and Stewarts survive the rise to stardom! Now, your rising stars can have the same level of protection worn by adults. We all know that, despite how it may seem, kids are not, in fact, made of rubber. Motocross is an extreme sport and significant injuries do occur.

It is only common sense for you to make your kids put a helmet on their heads to protect their brains, so why not protect the other vital organs as well? Broken ribs, punctured lungs, and ruptured organs are not only painful and costly, they are also potentially lethal. Do the right thing mom and dad, get those dirt devils protected now!

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Time to Race, Not Recuperate!

The season to shred the dirt with friends is here! Spend it doing what you love best, which we assume is not hanging out in intensive care, no matter how cute the nurses are!

Save yourself some money and painful down-time by ordering your vest today! There is no better internal injury protection available. And yes, we said PROTECTION, not deflection, which is the best you can hope for with that thin piece of plastic you currently wear on your chest. We can't help what happens to your bike in a wreck, but we can help what happens to you!